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The Warehouse On The Canal
Whether you're walking or driving, you're just minutes from the Canal Fulton Canalway Center
P. O. Box 167, Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614
Canal Fulton Tour Services assist in the total planning process to arrange trips that meet your specific points of interest. Tour and travel planning; tour operators; educational tours; seasonal tours; tours of wineries; day trips and overnight packages.
As a receptive tour planner we can rapidly acquaint you with what Canal Fulton and the surrounding entities has to offer, customize a package that is tailored to your desires.
Ride a replica canal boat, the St. Helena III, pulled by two Persian horses, down the original sections of the Ohio & Erie Canal. Riders will pass the McLaughlin Dry Dock, where the boat is stored for winter and continues down to Lock IV to the turn-around basin. During the one hour trip the crew steers with rudder and poles, while an on board historian provides facts and stories of life during the Canal Era. Visitors may also view a 30 minute canal history video in the Canalway Center. Amphitheater. Closed Mondays 
Based upon ghostly superstitions during the Victorian era, they are so ridiculous, crazy and over the top fun that we call it Historically Hysterical. Imagine participating in the wake of poor Silas who passed away at the end of the 19th century where you are the “mutes” or paid mourners. Practice your wailing and crying as the more you do it, the more honor it brings to Silas. Everyone will give Silas their own eulogy as he was a man of many questions and characters and don't forget to wear black as it was believed that the spirit of the deceased that was hovering around could not see you. The following link is from a large tour bus group that came through from Buckeye Tours an excellent company where a handful of the customers volunteered to be Silas grieving crazy family that everyone paid their condolences too. This is how the event started and you can imagine how it went from there.
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EDGAR ALLAN POE Lunch or Dinner Show
The Edgar Allan Poe Theater: Ohio's only continuous live Poe Theater. Poe comes from the grave to tell his story in his own words including the citation of a number of his poems. The Warehouse on the Canal in downtown Canal Fulton has become the Warehouse of Usher where Poe expert and aficionado John Kiste captures the imagination in a dramatic albeit often humorous one-man performance. John is considered as one of the finest Poe experts in the country.
ESCAPE ROOM ADVENTURE - Trapped In Your Nightmare.
Are you awake or are you still dreaming? Either way, something has just told you that you are not leaving and you will become a permanent part of their nightmare or is it your nightmare? There is a door to escape, but it is hidden by illusions. Escape is not an option.
Teams can come together for business motivation meeting, reunions, & more..A great opportunity to bring family and friends together to celebrate all occasions. 
This is a high octane adrenaline flowing game. Will you become a leader or follower on the team effort to reach safety? Can accommodate 12-80 people. 
This family-owned winery offers wine tastings and tours,
Ohio’s countryside is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of tasting wine, either outside or while strolling the picturesque vineyards.
Located just 25 minutes north of Canal Fulton..
The MAPS Air Museum (Military Aviation Preservation Society)is an internationally known museum of aviation and serves as a center of that history in Northeast Ohio.
Bombers, fighter jets, historical aircrafts and more are on display at the Military Aviation Preservation Society Museum, which showcases both vintage military and civilian aircrafts and interactive exhibits
Closed Mondays.. 
Located just 15 minutes north of Canal Fulton..
Buffet Lunch or Dinner 
is always available with your visit.
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Harry London Chocolates/Fannie May Confection Brands
The aroma of fine chocolate and exquisite tasting samples await you. Explore the factory from high above the production floor. Once your 45-minute guided tour has ended, enter the 5,000 square foot retail store, the largest in the Midwest. Discover over 500 varieties of gourmet chocolates and candies, ready for gift-giving or self indulgence.
Located just 15 minutes north of Canal Fulton..